city's alive and surprise, so am i

this is quite literally one of the most ridiculous times of my fucking life i want to like just ram my goddamn head into a brick wall until it’s nothing but fucking moosh.

jesus christ someone tie me to a tree and throw me into the goddamn ocean to be eaten by fish PLEASE please peas peas and carrots

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people remind me of weird frogs with their limbs and stuff sometimes.

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good gracious.

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all i want to fukn do is read sandman but the program i have to read the file isnt working godfkndamnit. my headache wont go away and i’m trying not to doze off the entire day but the only pain killers we have are sleeping pills.

whine whine whine complain complain complain

does anyone know of any (free!!!) programs that will convert a pretty big .avi file (it’s a movie that’s about an hour long) into whatever your ipod plays, mpeg4 or whatever??? i have a program but apparently it only converts 20% of the file and then it’s like you have a trial this is good enough!!!!! ugh

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i just love it when i wake up feeling 110% shittier than i did when i went to bed.

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i have a confession to make


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